10 Popular Athens Dishes

July 6th 2023 in Explore
10 Popular Athens Dishes

10 Best Athens Dishes

Many of Athens' tastiest delicacies incorporate healthy dosages of olive oil, creamy feta cheese, and various herbs and spices. These ingredients encounter in salads, meat dishes, and vegetarian mainstays.

Whether you desire a simple fried cheese appetiser, some of Europe's best seafood, or a spit-roasted and charcoal-grilled meaty treat, Athens has a dish for you.


In Greece, saganaki is a simple cheese dish served as an appetiser. Just wrap a cheese, such as a kasseri or gruyère, in flour and fry it for 10 minutes to make saganaki and the unique approach results in melting cheese with a crispy crust that pairs perfectly with the salad and a slice of lemon.

While you can easily make saganaki at home, we recommend trying it at a restaurant in Athens like Ydria Café, which is a top-rated eatery in the city just minutes away from the Roman Agora.


Moussaka is a Greek dish that consists of layered minced lamb, sautéed aubergine, and fried pureed tomato with garlic, onions, and spices. It is then topped with a generous helping of cheese and béchamel sauce. Some restaurants season this dish with nutmeg and cinnamon to add a pleasant touch.

If you want to sample Greek moussaka at a local hotspot in Athens, we recommend Maiandros, a restaurant near the Roman Agora. Try a diner like Lithos Tavern or Arcadia Restaurant for a slightly more formal supper.


Dolmades vary in appearance from one Greek household or restaurant to the next. These are typically stuffed vine leaf bundles, although they can also be loaded with hollowed-out vegetables like courgettes, tomatoes, or peppers. The filling is made of minced pork and rice, but you can substitute herbs like oregano, dill, and thyme for the meat.

Dolmades can be found on the menu of almost any Greek restaurant in Athens. Some of our favourite restaurants in Athens include Karamanlidika, Kuzina, and Arcadia Restaurant, all within walking distance of prominent attractions such as the Acropolis of Athens and the Roman Agora.


Souvlaki is only one of several delectable spit-roasted and charcoal-grilled meat dishes in Greece. It's cooked with skewered pork chunks and served with pita bread or gyros stuffed with onions and chopped tomatoes. The pork is replaced with goat or lamb at sure Athens pubs... or a combination of the two.

Souvlaki is a fast-food favourite that can be found in both takeout and fine dining establishments across the Greek city. Get souvlaki at a popular street stand like Street Souvlaki to dine like a local. If you'd rather sit down, we recommend Oroscopo Restaurant or Souvlaki Athinaiko.


Baklava, a Greek dish, will fulfil your sweet desire after dinner. Baklava is a flaky filo pastry coated with ground nuts and honey layers. A custard-filled dessert similar to galaktoboureko is also available.

Baklava may be found in almost every dessert shop and patisserie in Athens. Zoubourlou, Nancy's Sweet Home, and Krinos are also popular choices. If you're looking for a late-night sweet treat, go to Deliolanis Antonios, which is open 24 hours a day.


Kolokythokeftedes are gently fried fritters made of puréed or grated courgettes and seasoned with mint, dill, and various additional spices, depending on where you eat. They frequently contain feta cheese, which gives them a slightly creamy interior, and they go well with tzatziki sauce.

Kolokythokeftedes is a vegetarian-friendly starter and mezze meal popular in Athens. If you wish to have this delectable cuisine at its best, visit Zampano, Kallipateira, or Oroscopo Restaurant.

Choriatiki (Greek salad)

Salads are trendy in Greece, with many residents eating one with each meal. The choriatiki salad, comprised of tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onion, and three of Greece's favourite ingredients: feta cheese, olives, and a hefty dose of olive oil, is one of the best salads in Athens.

In Athens, finding a restaurant or café that doesn't feature some variation of Greek salad is challenging. Top-rated choriatiki restaurants include Maiandros Restaurant, Ella Greek Cuisine, and Karamanlidika, all located near the city centre.


Bougatsa is a tasty dessert that comes in two varieties. The sweet variation is a filo pastry pie filled with custard and finished with a dusting of flour. The savoury twist replaces some of the fillings with minced meat and cheese. When served with coffee, either one makes a great breakfast.

While bougatsa can be found in most Greek restaurants, we recommend picking a freshly baked treat from a pie shop or bakery. Krinos is a dessert business serving delicious bougatsa to locals and visitors since 1923. Bougatsadiko Psirri, Bougatsa Savas, and Mám are some of the other central stores.

Garides saganaki (Greek shrimp saganaki)

Garides saganaki (Greek shrimp saganaki) is made with sautéed shrimp deglazed with ouzo, drowned in tomato sauce and feta cheese. You may add olive oil to the mix for a touch of Greece. This dish is typically served as an appetiser or mezze dish with pita triangles or bread.

Saganaki, a menu highlight in many Athens restaurants, is cheese fried in a particular technique. Tavern Klimataria, which has been stirring up scrumptious Greek favourites since 1927, is a must-visit for a traditional dining experience.


Spanakopita is a spinach-filled filo pastry pie high in nutrients and flavour. It looks like a spinach pie, with extra contents such as spring onions, eggs, and herbs. In true Greek fashion, this pie includes a generous dose of olive oil and a variety of cheeses.

You can get spanakopita in almost every restaurant in Athens, from fancy diners with patios to takeaways and all-day patisseries. If you prefer a more formal setting, try Zampano or Karamanlidika.