From Thessaloniki to Meteora: A Northern Greece Road Trip Adventure

June 24th 2024 in Explore
From Thessaloniki to Meteora: A Northern Greece Road Trip Adventure

Imagine exploring the stunning landscapes of Northern Greece, where ancient history meets natural beauty. A road trip from Thessaloniki to Meteora offers an unforgettable adventure filled with breathtaking views, historic sites, and unique experiences. By renting a car in Greece, you can enjoy the freedom to explore at your own pace and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Your journey begins in Thessaloniki, the vibrant second-largest city in Greece. Thessaloniki is known for its rich history, cultural landmarks, and lively atmosphere. Before you hit the road, take some time to explore the city’s highlights, such as the White Tower, the Rotunda, and Aristotelous Square.

Heading to Vergina

From Thessaloniki, your first stop is Vergina, a small town with a big historical significance. The drive takes about an hour. Vergina is home to the ancient city of Aigai, the first capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia. Here, you can visit the Royal Tombs Museum, where the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, was discovered.

Exploring Vergina

Royal Tombs Museum: See the impressive tombs and learn about the history of Macedonia.

Ancient Theatre: Explore the remains of the theatre where ancient dramas were performed.

Onward to Meteora

After exploring Vergina, continue your journey towards Meteora. The drive from Vergina to Meteora takes approximately two hours, offering scenic views of the Greek countryside. Meteora is famous for its monasteries perched atop towering rock formations, creating a surreal and awe-inspiring landscape.

Discovering Meteora

Meteora is one of the most unique and beautiful places in Greece. The monasteries, built between the 14th and 16th centuries, seem to float in the air. Today, six of the monasteries are still active and open to visitors.

Highlights of Meteora

Great Meteoron Monastery: The largest and oldest monastery, offering stunning views and rich history.

Varlaam Monastery: Known for its beautiful frescoes and peaceful surroundings.

St. Stephen’s Monastery: Easily accessible and offering wonderful views of the valley below.

Tips for Visiting Meteora

Dress Modestly: When visiting the monasteries, wear modest clothing. Women should cover their shoulders and knees, while men should wear long trousers.

Check Opening Hours: The monasteries have different opening hours, so plan your visit accordingly.

Hiking Trails: If you enjoy hiking, explore the trails around Meteora for even more spectacular views.

Returning to Thessaloniki

After a day of exploring Meteora, you can either stay overnight in the nearby town of Kalambaka or head back to Thessaloniki. The drive back to Thessaloniki takes about three hours.

Tips for Your Road Trip

Plan Your Route: Make sure to plan your route in advance to maximise your time.

Pack Essentials: Bring water, snacks, and a first aid kit for a comfortable journey.

Check the Weather: Weather conditions can change, so check the forecast before you set out.


Take a road trip from Thessaloniki to Meteora and enjoy the freedom to explore Northern Greece's beauty and history at your own pace. Rent a car today and start your adventure!